17th August 2014


Inanimate Insanity 2 Characterization (Part 3)

Disclaimer: Go read parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t

Apple, is one of those characters that makes me want to sigh after I hear her name. She use to be so great that I wish episode 6 was never created. But in episode 6, she just got needy (slap), and obnoxious. Look, I know she has a low I.Q., she even believed Box sent Marshmallow to space. But, she would anything to save Marshmallow. Apple basically turned from an enemy, to a friends, to a stalker. Over the course of 6 episodes. Luckily, there are better characters than her.

Test Tube, for me is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. She’s a chemist, an astronomer, and a scientist (And proud!). Even though she is easily one of the most likable characters on the show, she doesn’t seem to be like that on the show. Test Tube, has been sneaky, and mischievous. In episode 3, she revealed that she had a secret lab that no one else knew about. And in that exact episode she tried to keep the secret from Suitcase. In episode 6, she lies to the other Mephone’s and makes them fall off a cliff. These traits of her character should be explored more to make her more different. But there’s are lot’s of characters that are different.

Microphone, is definitely different from the rest of the characters. Her main ambition in life is too be accepted by others. But others reject her due to her voice. We’ve never seen her have a mental breakdown because of this, but we have seen her yell at other contestants. She may be underdeveloped, but her character maybe too simple. Even though she got the third highest votes when up for elimination, it could be a while till she leaves. We would need new conflicts to take Microphone’s character in another direction. Will she become stale as week old bread? Or as fresh as the air? This rides never gonna end!,  

20th July 2014


The Boondocks: “The New Black” Analyzaion (Part 1)

"The New Black", is an episode of The Boondocks that I don’t hate as much as others, but I’m harsh on it because it adds so much weight to the series.

For starters, it’s not the worst episode of season 4. If anything it’s a beacon on light in this gloomy season. But this episode does set up a little bit of a storm. The spark of the storm is that this episode is the series finale, and my episode thought’s are generated from that statement. But  the hate is also based on how this isn’t a Huey episode and is in fact, a Riley episode.

Riley’s portrayal in this episode, is one that baffles me. Robert’s portrayal baffled me in the beginning until he went down a slope of no return. Riley is characterized by two words in this episode. “Childish and dependent” Childish, because he expects someone else to solve the problem. Dependent because Robert is holding Riley’s hand through the whole episode. In Aaron’s mind, Riley is characterized as a gangster that means well. In “Bitches to Rags” he tried to help Thugnificent  by encouraging him not to give up on his music career. In “The Fundraiser” he got himself and his gang out of the situation. In “The Garden Party”, he agrees with Huey when he says, they may hate the neighborhood, but they don’t want Robert to lose his house because he worked his entire life to get it. Riley may have been stupid, but at least he had a brain.

Next time, I dive more into the story, why this episode adds so much weight, and why Riley isn’t in his strongest role. 

22nd June 2014


The Boondocks Season 4 as a Whole (Part 2)

The way I want to start part 2 is with something positive, but it’s really hard to find something positive. It’s funny, really, Riley quoting Obama by saying, “We can’t look forward looking backward” is really relatable here.

One thing I did like about this season, is it’s views on ideas on society. Like the idea that everyone has an Iphone. That probably is going to be the only positive thing about this review.

The different types of writing were unique, there was lot’s of diversity in the way people wrote the characters. But the question is still there, does it work? It easy to think of the writing on The Boondocks as one whole idea. Aaron McGruder is the inventor and soul creator of this idea. But as more people get involved in the idea, it’s focus starts to change. Angela Nissel was the main writer for this season, writing half of the seasons episodes. it was evident that she did watch the show and knows all of the characters, but what she doesn’t know is how the characters would react in different situations. Writing most of the Granddad centered episodes, she wrote Granddad as someone who doesn’t learn a lesson at the end of each episode. At the end of Early Bird Special, Granddad should of learned that you should earn money the fair and honest way. Hypothetically, if they still did the story arc, Granddad should have learned the value of the dollar and not to waste money. Granddad hasn’t learned anything this season, in fact, the only character who has any sense this season is Huey. Rodney Barnes is a veteran writer, who I don’t have any problems with, he has co-written some of the best episodes of the show. The problem lies where it seems that he hasn’t contributed of any of Angela’s episodes.

So, when did Granddad become flanderized? This season he was written like an moron. It seemed like the only two things he cared about this season is money and girls. Not using his brain to get out of a situation, or not listening to anybody, it’s hard to like him as a character. His character has been boiled down so much that there is no hope for him. 

Next time, I’ll explore the lack of political and rap satire, missing cast members that made the show great, and the lack of characters that made the show great. Stick Around!

21st June 2014


The Boondocks Season 4 as a whole [Part 1]

With season 4 coming to an end, I though I would review the season as a whole. As many know this season is a departure from previous seasons due to the absence of series creator, Aaron McGruder. The only reason this baffles me is that he has a writing credit in every single episode. I like how Eric Thurm of the A.V. Club kept comparing this season to the fourth season of Community, not seeing the show, I can’t compare both seasons. Mostly, I’ll be writing what I like and disliked about this season, also comparing it to other seasons.

On thing I don’t like about this season is that they decided to have a story  arc, and a plot thread that was going somewhere, but chickened out at the end. Basically, the Freeman’s go broke and they try to get there money back. At the end of the episode, the Freeman’s are signed into slavery. They could of kept that as is but then the mistake lies when the Freeman’s continue being broke for half the season. In Freedomland, it seems like they got there freedom and money back, but then it appears there still broke. So basically, there broke for most of the season, and the story arc goes nowhere. I can understand there trying something different, but I can’t enjoy it as much not knowing if there’s an end in sight. Back to the plot thread, Uncle Ruckus was trying to run for president in Good Times, but I could of enjoyed it a lot more if they didn’t stop after that one episode. That could of went somewhere, and I probably could of enjoyed it a lot more.

One thing that make’s this season less superior is the repetitive stories. Mostly all of the stories in this follow a formula, “Were broke and need money + Here’s how were gonna make money + Here’s were it all goes wrong = Were broke again” That plot can be used for most episodes of this season.

Speaking of the stories, most of the stories focus on Granddad this season, in season 3, there were three episodes in a row that focused on Granddad, but that was different because there were some great character interactions with him. In every episode, there are new concepts and characters that are less interesting because there are better characters that could have fit those roles. I could have seen Luna replace Vanessa in Early  Bird Special, and making a surprise return. I also would of loved to see Cristal come back in Granddad Dates a Kardashian, instead of a forced character that makes the show look like a black version of South Park. Many of the story lines are even similar to previous ones. Pretty Boy Flizzy = Tom, Sarah, and Usher. Granddad Dates a Kardashian = The Real. Early Bird Special = Every single episode involving Granddad’s dating life! The New Black = The S Word. Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has = Every Stinkmeaner episode, except with a ton of pop culture references!  Lack of Huey and Riley irritated me a lot during this season. Is there nothing left to do with them? Huey had some smart and superior episodes like, The Fried Chicken Flu, It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman, It’s Goin’ Down, The Red Ball, and The Block is Hot. Riley had some hilarious and memorable episodes like, Riley Wuz Here, The Fundraiser, Ballin, The Story of Gangstalicious, and Shinin. There was a lot of potential for the season, but it was wasted.

Next time, I’ll discuss the lack of political and rap satire. the different types of writing this season, and Granddad’s flanderization.

13th April 2014


Inanimate Insanity 2 Characters Characterization (Part 2)

Disclaimer: If you have not read part 1, I would advise you read it right now.

Yin Yang is the one that doesn’t need much of a voice. In animation a character’s movements can tell us how someone feels. Yin Yang should have been that character. As a silent character, Yin and Yang could be seen fighting in the background, and we would still get the gist of how they feel. I know that’s not how BFDIDubita23 portrayed the character, but I could like Yin Yang more as a character if they weren’t always talking. That’s why I wasn’t a big fan of half of II 2 episode 3 but I have to admit it was a fun experiment. Since there eliminated, I can’t keep my hopes up for this, but for not, Yin Yang’s role on the show should be downsized.

Soap, is a character who has been fleshed out as long as she could have. Although, I do like Joseph Howard’s theory of Soap having OCD, but I’ll go in depth on that subject when I talk about Apple in II 2. Soap’s main character trait, is that she likes everything squeaky clean. I can’t say that got old quick about many of the character’s this season, but I can’t hold it back for Soap. The only reason I didn’t vote for Soap when I could of was because she is a driving force for comedy in this season. Her zany attitude has gotten me to laugh several times. But speaking of voting, if there is a contestants vote, Soap is the most likely to go. Plus, she is the most likely to go next because she got the second most votes in the last fan vote. Some people think she’s a neat freak and I concur with that. But I think Soap needs to learn that somethings can be gross once in a while, which could make her have a great friendship with Tissues.

Tissues, is one of the saddest characters on the show for me. Now some people might think I’m ridiculous, but that’s the exact opposite. People don’t like Tissues because he is gross. In Ask Adam Live, Adam said that Tissues is comic relief. But I think Cheesy fits more of that role. I see Tissues as more of gross humor, but that’s besides the matter. When Tissues tries to make friends, no one want’s too because he is gross. Tissues is all alone, but that doesn’t escape the fact that he is not a three dimensional character. Even early eliminated characters are still three dimensional. The Cherries were three dimensional, they were mischievous, pulled pranks, and blamed others. Even if they weren’t there long enough, there still one of the best character’s but back to Tissues. Tissues, to make him a better character, is to have him interact with more people. We saw him interact with Trophy, but Trophy rejects him. It’s a start, but let’s hope he makes a comeback. 

12th April 2014


Inanimate Insanity 2 Characters Characterization (Part 1)

In every narrative, a character needs to have more then one trait to make them more three dimensional. If a character is extremely happy, make them overcome extreme sadness. If a character is built of sacrifice, make them overcome greed.  If a character has one trait, make them have two traits by flipping over the first one. The whole experience is called the flip flop effect, where a character can be fleshed out more by flipping there personality. But in Inanimate Insanity 2, the characters have more traits that make them all unique characters.

Suitcase, is an object who is nice and caring. Her character flaw, is being a follower more then a leader. She would rather attach herself to someone else’s ideas then coming up with her own. In the fifth episode of II 2 she follows Baseball’s idea because that’s what her alliance members want. In the world today, people rise to power because there leaders not followers. However, if Suitcase found that fine line between being a leader and a follower, she could be a successful person in the future.

Light bulb is totally different. Light bulb believes she is a leader and has bright ideas and thinks that everyone should listen to her. Her problem lies not from being self centered, but not being able to listen to the ideas of others. In II episode 4, Paintbrush calls her out on it, and then is rejected to the Calm Down Corner. In II episode 5 however, Light bulb rejects Paintbrush to the Calm Down Corner because she believes she is the best. Blast from the past, in II episode 14, she immediately takes charge of the group, sparking her new character arc. Light bulb needs to learn that others deserve a voice.

Fan is the one that needs to find himself a voice. In II episode 6 Fan says that his role on the show is small, and he isn’t wrong about that. Besides from being a Fan of the show since season 1, the only other quality I can find about him is being a father figure. Fan is currently taking care of an egg from mars that could hatch at any minute. Fan has been shown protecting the egg in II 2 episode 4. However, it could be that the more Fan is seen in the show, the more people he’ll interact with. Which will mold him into a three dimensional character. But before I jump the gun on this one, let me finish this by saying that Fan and Suitcase are both shy and could both be best friends. Only time will tell.

22nd June 2013


Been busy a lot, working again on a fresh clean slope

Been busy a lot, working again on a fresh clean slope

27th February 2013



School is getting harder and harder by the day. Hopefully I will upload something by the time PSAT’S are done, I am writing a cartoon for you guys.

24th January 2013


No Updates?

Hello, school has been taking over my life. I will be uploading stuff slowly, but someday I will be active, possibly after my history midterm.

28th December 2012

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Best Birthday Cake EVER
(Needs Green Bell Peppers and Onions)

Best Birthday Cake EVER

(Needs Green Bell Peppers and Onions)

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